I recommend the best massage type for your needs

Massage Therapy in Bucks County

Before I start the massage treatment, I review your intake form and we discuss your issues and your needs. I will recommend the best massage type or types for your needs. I may incorporate various techniques, every massage is unique to the individual.

Your treatment time starts on the table and ends on the table. So if you have an appointment for a 90 minute massage, that’s how long your massage is. We discuss your needs before the treatment time starts and you get dressed after that time ends.


1/2 hour massage:  $40

1 hour massage:  $70

1 1/2 hour masage:  $100

2 hour massage:  $135


This is a gentle form of massage to help relax and energize you. Great for someone with no physical ailments and just simply needs to relax.

Medical / Therapeutic

This is a treatment to help conditions or pathologies that have been diagnosed by a physician. It is common to be working in conjunction with a clients physical therapist to improve healing.


this is for people who are currently under the care of an oncologist for any cancer diagnosis. Oncology massage is very light and always requires a doctor note from oncologist with permission for treatment.

Pre Natal

This is for any mom to be, at any stage of pregnancy. Various bolsters and pillows are used for comfort.

Foot Reflexology

This is a treatment for the whole body working only on feet, ankles and lower legs.

Most people in today’s world have no “down time.”

  • They can’t relax or have no time to.
  • People have stopped listening to their bodies. Some people come in and don’t realize how sore/tight they are until I touch them.

Giving yourself that time to just relax, even for just an hour a month, can improve mental and physical well-being.

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