About Forever Freedom

Why I do what I do


Here at Forever Freedom Massage I aim to help my community with health and wellness through therapeutic massage that is client driven. My goal is to help people with living a pain-free active lifestyle. All treatments are customized to individual needs and are a FULL 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions – which means discussing your needs and getting redressed after the massage is outside of the length of your treatment.

My Story

I was introduced to massage when I suffered a shoulder injury as a teenager. I had never had one, but my mom suggested I try one. After leaving my first treatment, I had more range of motion and much less pain. The experience impacted me so much that I quit my job the next day and started massage therapy school a few weeks later.

I have been practicing since 2003. Knowing that I could help people the way I was helped, became my life purpose. I have studied many modalities, but really gravitate to medical/therapeutic massage.

I hold certifications in the following modalities:

Trigger point massage

Oncology massage

Orthopedic massage


Medical massage

Foot reflexology