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With just one hour of massage a month, mental and physical well-being can improve. 

Promotes Relaxation

Reduces Anxiety

Improves Sleep

Increases Range of Motion

Decrease Muscle Tension

Improves Posture

Relax and have fun… Let massage help you live your best life…

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5 stars!

Absolutely the BEST massage therapist in the area!! Amy is talented, professional and extremely therapeutic. I have chronic problems with muscle soreness and tightness in my neck and shoulders. After a massage with Amy, I feel great!

Christine M

I have gone to Amy for therapy for 10 years now. Knowledgable, adaptable to the current state of my muscles at any given moment, she is truly gifted in locating trouble-spots, and applying therapy where, when and to the degree they need. Her tools include swedish, deep-tissue, a smattering of accu-pressure, as well as reflexology, all used in customized amounts as needed, or requested. I highly recommend her services.

Keith T

Amy is very knowledgeable and extremely professional. She has a passion for what she does, and she’s a talented massage therapist. Every person I have referred to her has been very happy. I would absolutely recommend Amy to my friends and family members!

Dr. Andrew Agasar

Radiant LIfe Chiropractic